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How to Pick a Wedding Gift

If you have a wedding to go to, then you know that you definitely have to buy a wedding gift. Weddings are undoubtedly expensive and as a guest, you will have to find a great outfit, shoes and accessories in addition to the wedding gift. So, in this article, we will be looking at a few tips and guidelines to help you choose a great wedding gift that the couple will surely enjoy and treasure.

Now, if the couple has a bridal registry, then this definitely makes your job easier. However, a registry is not set in stone and it is more meant as a guide for guests to indicate the couple’s style, taste and needs. So, make sure to thoroughly check out the bridal registry if available, but it should give you ideas that you can then use along with your own imagination to find a great gift.

How Much Should You Spend?

Another myth that is often perpetuated is that guests are supposed to buy a gift that is approximately the same amount of money that the hosts spend on each person for the wedding. This is absolutely false and is a huge cause of stress and anxiety among guests. It is important to note that your gift and how much you choose to spend is completely individual and there are no minimum spend amounts. You should buy according to your own financial situation as well as according to your relationship with the bride and groom. Best of all, you can purchase an amazing and very meaningful gift at a reasonable cost that you can personally afford.

Gifting Money

If you’re thinking about giving the couple money but are unsure about how appropriate that is, then know that it is completely acceptable. This is actually called a “Green Back” bridal shower where you can give cash instead of bringing gifts. This is best suited for couples who are saving up for a major purchase and would benefit more from the money than a gift.

Another great idea if you want to give cash is to create a honeymoon fund for the couple. This is a great idea where guests can contribute various cash amounts to a honeymoon fund so that at the end, the couple can go on their dream honeymoon and make memories for a lifetime. This is a great gift idea especially for the immediate family members of the couple. Best of all, there are numerous websites online which fully automate the process and make it quite simple to do.


Lastly, another option when choosing a wedding gift is to purchase a household appliance or other home item. Some great gifts include blenders, microwaves, toasters, glassware sets, cutlery, home furnishings, plaques and more.

In closing, when it comes to choosing a wedding gift, it all depends on you and your budget. You definitely shouldn’t worry too much about the gift and if possible, you can simply ask the bride and groom what they want or stick to the items on the bridal registry.

Thought’s on Time and Productivity

It’s no secret that people abhor time when it comes to getting things done. The world can be very pushy, and today’s culture does not support a life of leisure. Everyone is rushing about in vehicles, using technology and watches to keep up with everything, and they have so many responsibilities that it makes them want to throw their hands up in the air.

So what if everyone just decided not to keep track of time? Well, that’s an impossibility, but what if you yourself started paying less attention to the clock? For starters, it would be completely detrimental to your organization, as time management is one of those skills that must be honed throughout life in order to be successful.

Why is time management so important? Everything occurs on a timeline, and people have adapted in order to live life to its fullest. If you were to decide not to keep track of time, you’re allowing yourself to mismanage your life.

There are times in people’s lives where time becomes less important to them, such as when they are on vacation or when they enter retirement. Still, the importance of time never really goes away. And while forgetting time seems to be a way to relax, it actually is a means of procrastination.

Procrastination and forgetting about time for a brief period is one way people choose to relax. Otherwise, they have job duties, family duties, chores and all kinds of activities that they enjoy. Without time management, a person would never get done with his or her daily duties, would fall further behind and would have less ‘time’ for the things they enjoy doing.

At the end of the day, businesses must stay open, people must work hard, and everyone must pull together. There are always ways that time can be used to produce value in either your life or someone else’s. It can be tempting to binge on shows or whatever your chosen vice may be, but by building your willpower and resisting the urge you will feel better about yourself in the longterm.


Cornerstones of Wedding Photography

Weddings are among the most important events in many people’s lives. This is why we all wish to celebrate them in memorable ways. However, human memory works in a strange manner, so we need various cues such as photos and videos to keep our memories alive over the years.

The Professional Approach

The importance of wedding photographs can’t be stressed enough. All brides want to capture these priceless moments and share the happiness with their guests and, later on, with their children. This is why they prefer to hire professional photographers instead of relying on friends and relatives to take photos during the ceremony.

Wedding photographers know their stuff very well. They know which is the best moment of the day to have the photo session in order to make the most out of it in terms of light and setting. Additionally, they know it’s better to have the guests photographed in the first part of the day and not late at night, when everyone is already a bit drunk and tired.

Tips for Success

The best photographers know the photo session is a must-have for any wedding, but it is far from being enough. They need to take photos of all guests at the wedding while they are dancing, eating and socializing with the others. Such photos may reveal hilarious moments. They usually make the best memories, as they have the power of bringing a smile on your face each time you look at them again.

As weddings are about glamour and style, the photos should follow. They need to capture the beauty of the happy couple and of all guests at the party. If you think that each of them has spent a lot of money on outfits, hair styling and make up, you can easily understand why they want to have a proof of how good they looked that day.

The attention to detail is perhaps the most important cornerstone of wedding photography. Professionals who understand this are going to be more successful than their colleagues, even if they have equal skills and talent. If you make sure you capture that beautiful ring on the bride’s finger, a bit of lace, the tip of a shoe, the champagne glasses, a brief kiss or a tender look, your clients are going to be very happy with your services. The happier they are, the more chances you have that they recommend you to other couples who want to get married and have a big wedding party.

Final Notes

Wedding photography is also about the presentation. Any good photographer knows that an exquisite album with romantic covers is the desire of almost every bride out there, so this should be part of their list of services. Although digital photography has conquered the world, there’s still room for printed photos and albums, as there are enough people who daydream about past times when life was so beautiful and so easy. For them, holding and browsing through a real photo album from their wedding is a hard to equal experience. Make sure they have their wish come true.

Creative Wedding Ideas

Many pages on the internet boast of splendid wedding ideas that can make your wedding gorgeous. Unfortunately, it may not be easy for you to get unique ideas that can make your wedding glamorous. This article looks at ideas that are not just inspiring but which can give your wedding some pomp and make it pageantry.

  • Use of Paper Flower – Instead of looking for a bouquet, consider using paper flowers. They are quick and adorable and will certainly help you save a few dollars.
  • Lounge Chairs – If your church does not have lounge chairs, consider having a few of the chairs arranged outside so that they can be used as relaxing lounges. This is perfect and will give your guests the space they need to relax and enjoy a quick glass of champagne as they wait for your arrival.
  • Organize For a Local Marching Band – Other than entertaining your guests, the band will add fun props to your wedding. Let them sing songs that other attendees can chant and sing along.
  • Escort card butler – Allow for an escort team adorn in white gloves to make them shine and make the wedding glamorous.
  • Decoration – If the venue is illuminated, swap in ribbon wands, glitter or streamers and flower petals so as to make the wedding memorable.
  • Food choices – There is no first rule that says you must serve a cake on a wedding. Consider savory instead. Decorated cheese with a natural greenery and bunches of grapes could be a unique alternative to the traditional cake.
  • Cake Creativity – If you cannot do without a cake, you can choose to have a cake decked out with ruffles and wrap it in a vine. If you want to make the wedding look romantic, you can consider adding lights and some flower like arrangement.
  • Video Display – What about having the ceremony video on a loop during reception? This is an excellent idea that gives your guests a chance to marvel at what is happening as they wait for your arrival.
  • Games – What about a flip cup tournament? Even though it may not be meant for all the guests, it can be super fun if it’s well organized and involve a few guests and allow the other visitors to cheer and enjoy.
  • Music – What about a wedding invite with song requests? This ensures that you don’t give the DJ a list of songs that your guests may not be interested in. Let them get the tunes they like. The kids, the grandpa and the teens will get something they will be happy with and enjoy.
  • Photographs – Consider collecting photos of friends and family members and place them in frames and arrange them on your guests table. Choose images that are meaningful to you, have them printed and circulated around. They could depict your logo, your hobby, images and unique ideas.
  • Personal Notes – You can choose to surprise your guests with a handwritten note and have it placed in each card. Personalize the messages especially those meant for the main guests. Mary, I dint know you would make it to this place thanks.

Picking a Theme for Your Photography

When it comes to your own photography, it is best to pick a theme to focus on. You can build a business around it. If you do too many different types of photography you won’t be able to focus on the type you were meant to focus on and that is important.

What do you Love?

In order to figure out what your theme is, you need to ask yourself a few questions. First of all what you do love taking photos of more than anything else? It could be people, nature, animals, events, buildings, city streets or the country. There are a lot of different possibilities out there.

Once you have discovered what your favorite theme is, think about how easy it is to take those types of photos. Ask yourself if you will be able to take photos like that often and if you will be able to make money with it. If the answer is yes then it is possible that you have found your theme.

Commit to Your Calling

Once you have this in your head it will be a lot easier to work on your craft and focus on your theme. This doesn’t mean you can’t take photos of anything else but for your business you need to work on your theme and stick to those types of pictures overall.

The best way to get out there is to go out with your camera as often as you can. See if you can take photos of friends and family if you enjoy taking pictures of people. Go on nature walks or travel as much as you can. You need to get out there and when you do you should always have your camera with you.

The Next Level

Once you start taking a lot of photos of your theme you can start marketing them. If you are focusing on people it will work a little differently as you will need permission from them to take their photos. You should also be careful you don’t try to sell a photo of something that has rights against it.

You can do a search to find out if your picture falls into this category. Most of the time you should be okay but you need to double-check so you do not get yourself into any trouble. You only want to sell the photos that you are allowed to sell. Once you have a database of pictures, have decided what you want to focus on and have set up a way to sell them, you will be on your way to making a career as a photographer. Remember that it might take you a while to get to your goals but to never give up on them.

If photography comes naturally to you it is a good idea to keep working at it. Try new things and take your pictures everyday. If you do this you will start to see success and will be on the road to where you want to be in your photography.

Basic Photography Tips

It’s not hard to improve your photography with a few simple techniques. Many people tend to just snap photos and think that’s that. There are many little tricks that you can use to your advantage.

The great thing about photography is that it’s something you can do at any time with phones or other devices you may have on you. Just keep in mind that a dedicated camera may be your best bet when thinking of how often you need to use a phone or other device. While the newer technologies come with basically full fledged cameras, they still don’t have the ability to operate in the same way as a camera due to the inability to have flash or other effects with the lens.

Photo Editing Software

Doctoring your photos may feel like cheating, but sometimes you just have to so you can make them look better. You’ll be better off learning to do this in one go so that you’re not saving layer after layer on top of one photo and thus making its compression look terrible. Some people think they can keep adding to a photo and saving it as a flat image time and again. Eventually this will make the quality actually look worse, and you can also use software to show you just how different a picture is from when it was first taken.

SD Cards

Can you have enough space to use for a long photography session? If not, you should bring along more SD cards or whatever you’re storing the photos on. They make these in a lot of varieties, so don’t be afraid to test a few out for yourself. For instance, some SD cards can resist magnets and even water, making them ideal to use in more extreme situations you may be in with the weather. Having a few extra cards on you at all times in your camera bag can really come in handy if you get the idea to take a lot of photos at random.

Coming Prepared

Inspiration will hit at strange times, which is why it’s great to have a camera around your neck on on you when you’re out and about. Instead of having your phone out all the time texting people and surfing the web, look all around you when you go out. You’ll be surprised with how many things out there exist that you don’t pay attention to until you do photography. You may never look at your surrounding the same again when you realize pretty much everything in your view is art in some form or another through photography.

Photography isn’t a difficult thing to work with, you just have to learn what works for you. Beginning with these tips can really help you to see that photography is something anyone can work on if they’d like to. Start doing the things you need to get the best quality of photos out there, and of course make sure to enjoy yourself.