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Creative Wedding Ideas

Many pages on the internet boast of splendid wedding ideas that can make your wedding gorgeous. Unfortunately, it may not be easy for you to get unique ideas that can make your wedding glamorous. This article looks at ideas that are not just inspiring but which can give your wedding some pomp and make it pageantry.

  • Use of Paper Flower – Instead of looking for a bouquet, consider using paper flowers. They are quick and adorable and will certainly help you save a few dollars.
  • Lounge Chairs – If your church does not have lounge chairs, consider having a few of the chairs arranged outside so that they can be used as relaxing lounges. This is perfect and will give your guests the space they need to relax and enjoy a quick glass of champagne as they wait for your arrival.
  • Organize For a Local Marching Band – Other than entertaining your guests, the band will add fun props to your wedding. Let them sing songs that other attendees can chant and sing along.
  • Escort card butler – Allow for an escort team adorn in white gloves to make them shine and make the wedding glamorous.
  • Decoration – If the venue is illuminated, swap in ribbon wands, glitter or streamers and flower petals so as to make the wedding memorable.
  • Food choices – There is no first rule that says you must serve a cake on a wedding. Consider savory instead. Decorated cheese with a natural greenery and bunches of grapes could be a unique alternative to the traditional cake.
  • Cake Creativity – If you cannot do without a cake, you can choose to have a cake decked out with ruffles and wrap it in a vine. If you want to make the wedding look romantic, you can consider adding lights and some flower like arrangement.
  • Video Display – What about having the ceremony video on a loop during reception? This is an excellent idea that gives your guests a chance to marvel at what is happening as they wait for your arrival.
  • Games – What about a flip cup tournament? Even though it may not be meant for all the guests, it can be super fun if it’s well organized and involve a few guests and allow the other visitors to cheer and enjoy.
  • Music – What about a wedding invite with song requests? This ensures that you don’t give the DJ a list of songs that your guests may not be interested in. Let them get the tunes they like. The kids, the grandpa and the teens will get something they will be happy with and enjoy.
  • Photographs – Consider collecting photos of friends and family members and place them in frames and arrange them on your guests table. Choose images that are meaningful to you, have them printed and circulated around. They could depict your logo, your hobby, images and unique ideas.
  • Personal Notes – You can choose to surprise your guests with a handwritten note and have it placed in each card. Personalize the messages especially those meant for the main guests. Mary, I dint know you would make it to this place thanks.

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