Wedding Gift Example

How to Pick a Wedding Gift

If you have a wedding to go to, then you know that you definitely have to buy a wedding gift. Weddings are undoubtedly expensive and as a guest, you will have to find a great outfit, shoes and accessories in addition to the wedding gift. So, in this article, we will be looking at a few tips and guidelines to help you choose a great wedding gift that the couple will surely enjoy and treasure.

Now, if the couple has a bridal registry, then this definitely makes your job easier. However, a registry is not set in stone and it is more meant as a guide for guests to indicate the couple’s style, taste and needs. So, make sure to thoroughly check out the bridal registry if available, but it should give you ideas that you can then use along with your own imagination to find a great gift.

How Much Should You Spend?

Another myth that is often perpetuated is that guests are supposed to buy a gift that is approximately the same amount of money that the hosts spend on each person for the wedding. This is absolutely false and is a huge cause of stress and anxiety among guests. It is important to note that your gift and how much you choose to spend is completely individual and there are no minimum spend amounts. You should buy according to your own financial situation as well as according to your relationship with the bride and groom. Best of all, you can purchase an amazing and very meaningful gift at a reasonable cost that you can personally afford.

Gifting Money

If you’re thinking about giving the couple money but are unsure about how appropriate that is, then know that it is completely acceptable. This is actually called a “Green Back” bridal shower where you can give cash instead of bringing gifts. This is best suited for couples who are saving up for a major purchase and would benefit more from the money than a gift.

Another great idea if you want to give cash is to create a honeymoon fund for the couple. This is a great idea where guests can contribute various cash amounts to a honeymoon fund so that at the end, the couple can go on their dream honeymoon and make memories for a lifetime. This is a great gift idea especially for the immediate family members of the couple. Best of all, there are numerous websites online which fully automate the process and make it quite simple to do.


Lastly, another option when choosing a wedding gift is to purchase a household appliance or other home item. Some great gifts include blenders, microwaves, toasters, glassware sets, cutlery, home furnishings, plaques and more.

In closing, when it comes to choosing a wedding gift, it all depends on you and your budget. You definitely shouldn’t worry too much about the gift and if possible, you can simply ask the bride and groom what they want or stick to the items on the bridal registry.

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