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Picking a Theme for Your Photography

When it comes to your own photography, it is best to pick a theme to focus on. You can build a business around it. If you do too many different types of photography you won’t be able to focus on the type you were meant to focus on and that is important.

What do you Love?

In order to figure out what your theme is, you need to ask yourself a few questions. First of all what you do love taking photos of more than anything else? It could be people, nature, animals, events, buildings, city streets or the country. There are a lot of different possibilities out there.

Once you have discovered what your favorite theme is, think about how easy it is to take those types of photos. Ask yourself if you will be able to take photos like that often and if you will be able to make money with it. If the answer is yes then it is possible that you have found your theme.

Commit to Your Calling

Once you have this in your head it will be a lot easier to work on your craft and focus on your theme. This doesn’t mean you can’t take photos of anything else but for your business you need to work on your theme and stick to those types of pictures overall.

The best way to get out there is to go out with your camera as often as you can. See if you can take photos of friends and family if you enjoy taking pictures of people. Go on nature walks or travel as much as you can. You need to get out there and when you do you should always have your camera with you.

The Next Level

Once you start taking a lot of photos of your theme you can start marketing them. If you are focusing on people it will work a little differently as you will need permission from them to take their photos. You should also be careful you don’t try to sell a photo of something that has rights against it.

You can do a search to find out if your picture falls into this category. Most of the time you should be okay but you need to double-check so you do not get yourself into any trouble. You only want to sell the photos that you are allowed to sell. Once you have a database of pictures, have decided what you want to focus on and have set up a way to sell them, you will be on your way to making a career as a photographer. Remember that it might take you a while to get to your goals but to never give up on them.

If photography comes naturally to you it is a good idea to keep working at it. Try new things and take your pictures everyday. If you do this you will start to see success and will be on the road to where you want to be in your photography.

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