Thought’s on Time and Productivity

It’s no secret that people abhor time when it comes to getting things done. The world can be very pushy, and today’s culture does not support a life of leisure. Everyone is rushing about in vehicles, using technology and watches to keep up with everything, and they have so many responsibilities that it makes them want to throw their hands up in the air.

So what if everyone just decided not to keep track of time? Well, that’s an impossibility, but what if you yourself started paying less attention to the clock? For starters, it would be completely detrimental to your organization, as time management is one of those skills that must be honed throughout life in order to be successful.

Why is time management so important? Everything occurs on a timeline, and people have adapted in order to live life to its fullest. If you were to decide not to keep track of time, you’re allowing yourself to mismanage your life.

There are times in people’s lives where time becomes less important to them, such as when they are on vacation or when they enter retirement. Still, the importance of time never really goes away. And while forgetting time seems to be a way to relax, it actually is a means of procrastination.

Procrastination and forgetting about time for a brief period is one way people choose to relax. Otherwise, they have job duties, family duties, chores and all kinds of activities that they enjoy. Without time management, a person would never get done with his or her daily duties, would fall further behind and would have less ‘time’ for the things they enjoy doing.

At the end of the day, businesses must stay open, people must work hard, and everyone must pull together. There are always ways that time can be used to produce value in either your life or someone else’s. It can be tempting to binge on shows or whatever your chosen vice may be, but by building your willpower and resisting the urge you will feel better about yourself in the longterm.